Our atmospheric contains 78% of nitrogen, 20.9% oxygen, 0.9% is argon & rest is other gases. BHA Nitrogen gas generator separates oxygen from rest of the components using PSA( Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology. This PSA technology is in existence since 50 years from now! BHA in today’s world produces Nitrogen at a low power consumption and with a quality meeting all your standards for your application.

PSA technology mainly consists of two vessels filled with Carbon molecular sieves. Pressurized air is passed through one of these vessels, CMS having a property to attract oxygen, adsorbs oxygen from air and Nitrogen is allowed to pass through. Hence, Nitrogen is produced as the final product, which is stored in the Storage tank. As one vessel approaches saturation, air passes through the other CMS filled vessel while this vessel is being into regeneration stage to ensure a continuous supply of Nitrogen. Using an Oxygen analyser, the quality of Nitrogen produced is continuously monitored by the machine.


  • Air Compressor – To suck the air from atmosphere
  • Refrigeration dryer – Removes water vapour from compressed air.
  • Air Receiver – To removes moisture and to minimize pulsation
  • Filtration system – Removes dust, oil, moisture etc.
  • PSA system – Oxygen is removed and Nitrogen is produced at certain purity as desired
  • Storage Tank – It stores and supplies Nitrogen at certain pressure
  • Gas Analyser – Monitor quality of Nitrogen digitally.

Key Features

  • 365 days Nitrogen on-site availability
  • Less Maintenance costs
  • Different AMC plans
  • Audio visual alarms
  • Annual Cost Savings compared to bottled cylinders
  • Low power consumption


Feed Stock                        :           Ambient air
Nitrogen Capacity           :           1 Nm3/hr to 500 Nm3/hr
Purity                                :           up to 99.999%
Pressure                            :           6-7 Barg

* Higher pressures with N2 Booster are also available on demand.

 Applications for PSA Nitrogen Generators:

  • Metallurgical / heat treatment
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Float glass
  • Food industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Oil and gas


  • Price Hike
  • Transportation
  • Dependency
  • Irregularity & Unavailability
  • Negligence
  • Safety


Membrane nitrogen generators are used to produce an uninterrupted supply of gaseous nitrogen, on site. This compact system is ideally suited for low-purity applications (95- 99%) that presently employ high-pressure gas cylinders or Dewars of nitrogen. With Membrane Nitrogen Generators, the inconvenience of gas cylinders and liquid dewars is eliminated. Nitrogen is generated at your location, continuously and reliably, requiring only a supply of compressed air. 

 Silent Features of  BHA PSA Nitrogen generators:

  • Quality air filtration system
  • Flow control system with manual adjustment
  • Plug and Play operation
  • Small footprint area
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to service
  • Design for long lifetime

Applications for Membrane Nitrogen Generators:

  • Food Packaging
  • Chemical Blanketing
  • Laser Cutting Beam Purge
  • Plasma Cutting System
  • Modified Atmospheric packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
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